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- Winston Churchill

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What would Martial Law look like?

I can picture all out us against them civil war,or revolt.But some of you military types have probaly been prepped for it.What would Martial Law look like are we talking troops in personel carriers and trucks.Or tanks on corners,attack helicopters flying overhead?


  1. Sigh ....... Ok , every time the U.S. sends troops to a country on a "Peace Keeping" mission , we are, for all intents and purpose , declaring martial law in that area of ops .

    The military, including reserves and National Guard, will come into an area and lock it down .They will block off certain girds and limit travel to that grid area .

    Yes , if needed there will be light air support and once they have those grids locked down effectively, they will then begin the imposition of curfews and door to door search and seizure .

    Hurricane Katrina was a perfect example of a loose knit martial law scenario. They will bring in private security firms to provide extra security.

    This poses an entirely new issue for those who are under the curfew and are locked down . You see, National guard , U.S. Military and reserves are under military laws. They have guidelines they must follow , Blackwater and the like DO NOT COME UNDER THE SAME RESTRAINTS!

    What this means is , if a squad of Black Water mercs are patrolling the streets and you are caught out ofter curfew by these mercs, they do not have to warn you more then once and can shoot you and confiscate all of your possessions .

    Military will do all they can to prevent shooting you and will demand you surrender and may even take you back home. PRIVATE AGENCIES TO NOT ANSWER TO MILITARY LAW OR RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

    THAT is what I believe, is going to be our biggest issue besides foreign troops . What I would recommend would be to keep your eyes open for this type of thing to begin happening in larger urban areas , Los Angeles , New York city , Chicago, Detroit etc etc .

    Once it begins there , your area will be compromised very soon so, get the f**k out while you can . If you watch the movie "OUTBREAK" , you will see a great example of a military quarantine which is a higher level of martial law.

    The deal is , get out while you can or you are going to be stuck there for the duration. They will be looking for weapons and they will confiscate those weapons under orders from the President.

    It will be ugly , oppressive and you will not be able to get out of the area once it has been established by the military .

    Good idea to post this question , if you want examples of what it will look like , watch videos of any areas we occupy in Iraq or Afghanistan or any other country we have crammed democracy up it's ass.

    I'll try to find some good examples and post links when I have a chance.



  2. Here is a YOUTUBE video of a training exercise being performed in North Carolina . This is just an exercise , not actual full scale deployment for a Martial Law scenario. Imagine if it were 25 times worse, that would be real life Martial law .


  3. 3% always clear and concice.That is Big issue for me as I am at the northen most most loop of interstate.There are side roads but very hard to get where I would need to be my people are 20 to 30 miles so. of me.I think very soon i need to find as many escape routes as Possible.Thanks Bro.

  4. China, my best suggestion to you is , as you said , seek out alternate routes to get to family and watch for anything that appears to look like a riot or natural disaster. These are the types of things that will bring on the signing of an Executive order and a national emergency.

    Once that pen has been stroked across the order, the troops will be readied for deployment. Whether or not they are deployed is not the issue, they are ready . When Ohitler signed the state of emergency for the bullshit flu pandemic, the Army was informed and made ready as were each states national guard units .

    All that will be required to insight a deployment(since posse comitatus is ignored these days) is for the commander in thief to sign an order stating a national emergency and Martial Law is just a phone call away.

    Since all state, county and city cops have been federalized, we will see immediate response from them first. They can set up road blocks , herd folks into check points and keep things tight until the military steps in .

    In a case of some sort of terrorist attack , it could very well happen this year . The PTB's are foaming at the mouth to get us corralled so, I wouldn't put anything past the shitballs.

    As with any other time , just be prepared and ready , you may just get stuck where you are at and there is no sense in trying to fight your way out, they'll over power you and that is end game . Prepare for staying put and for GTFO quickly (gtfo = get the f**k out) .

    I feel that we might just see this type of thing happen this year . Some of my friends whom are still in the service have told me to be ready, things are getting weird .


  5. Yeah fucked up part about bugging in is my apt faces interstate 75yards away.no cover eye ball to eyeball think neighbors will flip out when I kick my way thru drywall to go out other end of bldg thru their livin room.There is one little trail out,maybe small dirt bike 250cc,or even moutain bike in my future.Lot more to go over but snowin in Indy,Big Daddy up and out 3:30 in mornin.Thanks again fellas.

  6. 3% yea I watched it I always forget youtube.Man APC was armed One trooper carrying SAW,man.I checked that armor out to more reading just not enough time in freakin day.So much to learn.I truly do Appreciate you guys advice and info.Sounds like that Grizzly bad mofo.