If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
- Winston Churchill

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." Patrick Henry



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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disorganized organization.

No one leader.Leader can't be killed.Several strong indivuals perhaps leading together.History has shown when leaders are killed resistance is broke up .Indian campaigns kill the chief they take off.That is why in numerous wars officers removed insigna to not be targets.Kill the officer giving ordes troops retreat.So in my mind this one makes good sense right off.


  1. Well, this is the only true way to do this right , in my opinion . You cannot storm the walls and expect to get out alive .

    This resistance , should it begin , MUST WORK THE FIRST TIME .

    Most people who have never seen war or combat , have this bumrush mentality and it'll get ya killed before you can do any damage whatsoever. It will also get the guy next to you killed while you are rushing in to do your thing .

    Also, I will post part 2 and 3 of this disorganized resistance theory and they show even more sanity to the theory.

    I cannot stress the importance of getting this right the first time . It's simple to write things about what a guy wants to do or is going to do but, actually doing it can get quite complicated.

    Knowledge is power and can keep you alive. A dead Patriot is a worthless patriot. Get yourself killed and you can't do jack shit for the resistance.



  2. Hey China ! Nice of you to go the distance here brother !

    I am guessing that you are interested in more info and discussions on possible tactics etc for an in case of situation .

    I will await any questions and join in the discussion when appropriate . I spoke with 3% earlier and I am gonna let him go with this resistance paper. That post he made is incredibly important theology .

    Whoever wrote that is a genius in my opinion and I concur 100% with his/her analogy .


  3. Governments of the world have made it illegal to even simply discuss movements, ideas and of course any plans to resist the ongoing onslaught of tyranny. Sometimes, there is an exception to this if you discuss another country, but not your own, but even this is illegal, especially in one particular case. If you even mention that particular country and you’re guilty of a crime these days.

    Resistance can be anything these days, a political campaign (outside of the chosen two), a protest movement, a march, a boycott, resistance can be taken to mean nearly anything at all. But simply holding a meeting to organize a lawful protest is now considered a crime. A entire “pre-crime” movement of its own has arisen in government circles, to “prevent” the lawful activity of democratic expression and free speech by anyone who would dare (publically) question the status quo.

    In America, any resistance is now considered an act of “terror” (including saying “no”), which is of course, counter-intuitive. Resistance generally means that more freedom is being petitioned or engaged in by those involved, which enacts exactly the opposite response by government, where freedom or even the expression of freedom is attacked. Resistors are often killed, jailed, harassed and investigated for their ‘crime’.

    The oddity here is that those who would seek to have less oversight and control by government in their lives actually are not hurting anyone (and really don’t want to). They’re simply seeking to be “let go” to live their own lives as they see fit, but this revolutionary act invokes a long process of vengeful and vicious responses by those who absolutely refuse to let them go.

    It’s not hard to see who and what the real terrorists are here. This is not just a federal problem in the United States, but applies at local levels too. Any resistance is dealt with swiftly, depending on the resources and levels involved, can include anything from threats and harassment, kidnapping and murder and the ever-present “criminal” just(us) system to attack those who would even consider resistance.

    Framing the debates is about what resistance actually is, what tactics can be employed, and what success any efforts might achieve.

    There is no lack of ideas on what could be done, but even the discussion of ideas is swiftly attacked with extreme prejudice. Read this Wiki entry regarding Jim Bell and you will get some idea of how far they will go to prevent mere ideas.

    Author John Ross of “Unintended Consequences” happens to be a lawyer, but he himself has been interviewed by federal officials after publishing his book on whether or not he was seeking to enact a revolution in this country. Authors of countless books have been harassed and investigated for daring to write the unwritable.

  4. Any country that attacks the mere suppression of ideas (which arise from actual real-life circumstances, indicative of the need for change, otherwise they’d not be proposed) has therefore already descended into fascism and totalitarianism. Fascists empires are unwilling to identify with the veracity of the claims made “against” them. Their response to the accusers (their citizens) is predictable and swift.

    The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claims that in “30 years, they have never harmed another human being“, but is still considered one of the leading terrorist organizations in America. They too use a leaderless resistance model for their direct action. In fact, many movements do because this model is the only methodology actually left, democratic avenues have been abandoned due to their inability to enact change and their inherent inefficiencies.

    The FBI has long boasted of its ability to infiltrate any organization or movement within the United States. Any group, organization, movement, march or activist effort is more likely then not, already harboring secret infiltrators who have been often the ones who solicit violence (there are countless examples of this).

    The D.C. snipers of recent history engaged in a random killing spree, picking their targets simply based on the “opportunity” to inflict terror. Nobody in America had sympathy for these fools, because this was a plot of simple “murder for hire” (they hope to extract a ransom demand to stop their own terror campaign).

    Over 10,000 law enforcement personnel were engaged in their capture, tying up critical resources. ‘Leaderless’ in the sense that there was no organization, they were difficult to catch and only got caught because of poor tactics and operating procedure. The truth is, they could have done this nearly indefinitely if they’d been a bit smarter.

    The term “terrorist” these days is a much blurred line, anybody can be a terrorist, especially anybody that believes that their life belongs to them and not someone or something else.

    The blurring of lines and definitions and all these measures that are allegedly meant to protect us are instead, creating more and more bars and prison walls upon all of us. Disarming the people has long been a tactic to keep us from defending ourselves. It’s become VERY clear that they are growing increasingly afraid of the people themselves — the very ones that they have been authorized to serve and protect. It is the job of government to protect liberty, not take it away.

    The incrementalism approach to disarming, disavowing and disowning the people has been underway for decades. It is widely understood that any abrupt approach to terrorizing the American people would be popularity resisted, so incremental legislation, redefinition of terms and meanings and even secret orders are being used to ensure that we are caught unawares of the encircling noose. Americans are now prisoners in their own country, unable to travel, fly or even conduct their normal day-to-day affairs without layer after layer of unnecessary “security”, oversight and surveillance.

    The problem is clearly getting worse, but so is the issue of simply discussing what needs to be done. Past efforts for ‘redress of grievances’ have been broadly ignored by those responsible. Any effort to bring a journalistic light to such issues also fails. This does nothing but breed growing resentment.

    The government is failing to realize that winning the hearts and minds of the people is essential for its continued stability. This is a principle required for any organization or movement. Even guerrilla movements require the continued moral and physical support of the people, and they can only do that by staying on the high ground.

  5. Framing the debate is in point of fact, exceedingly difficult these days, because we’re not supposed to talk about any of this. We’re simply supposed to accept both the explanations and the actions of our masters, and question nothing. We’re not supposed to notice the massive increase in legislation or assaults upon our personal freedom. The implication (and threat) is very, very clear — Trust Us and Do As Your Told.

    It is without a doubt, if you surf around the Internet, apparent that the unrest and dissatisfaction in the people is at an all time high, and this is also why that there has been yet another huge upsurge in government ‘response’. Discussion of resistance is there, but so it caution. What is disturbing however, to me anyway, is how some are (still) wrongly pointing fingers at the wrong groups and the wrong people. Quite frankly, this is not helping anybody. I’ve seen poorly worded arguments that declare popular resistance to policies that were enacted into law under George Bush, but now being fully endorsed by Barak Obama. The claim is that “now they will fight”, but their (real) reasons are pretty stupid.

    I don’t understand — where the HELL were these people while George Bush & Co., raped and sodomized us ALL blind? I’m as upset with the Obamafucation as anybody, but we’ve been sitting on this precipice of injustice and misrepresentation for a very, very long time. I can only assume now as pet peeves and prejudices now surface, that these people find “reason” to finally wake the hell up and be upset.

    But herein lies the problem. Leaderless resistance does not require organization, but it does require ideology. There are those that claim they will resist (now), but for all the wrong reasons. These are the ones who will pack it up and go home once a Republican president is (s)Elected once again (for example). They’ll give up long, long before any true success is ever achieved, because they totally fail to understand or even comprehend the real issues at stake here. These are the “sunshine patriots” who cannot be counted upon for anything. They simply want to return to the same march of Empire as before, where there is a Budweiser on every table and a roast in every pot.

    The truth is, they are actually a big part of the problem themselves. It’s clear that our world does not need more “business as usual” under our two-faulty system, but something much, much different. It is this lack of cohesion and commitment to the real issues that defeats any resistance. The truth is, any resistance now would simply replace one totalitarian government with another. The many-headed Hydra that governs us all is not going to simply allow itself to be replaced, it will spring a new head again and again and again as long as it lives.

    The ideology that would unify any effort has long been deliberately fractured into a million pieces and viewpoints. This itself is of course no accident. Our media and government has been caught again and again of deliberately falsifying the issues, so much so that the people are quite literally confused on what the truth and the real issues really are. We have been quite effectively polarized into a million different directions, which is a great technique to diffuse any real support or resistance (and a technique itself which could be utilized by anybody).

    The lack of a clear, unifying ideology means that if there ever was any success by the people, this would be very quickly overwhelmed in a matter days by infighting, bickering, dissolution and more ‘revolution’.

  6. The truth is, people are predictable sheep. They know what we will do. They know how we will act and react, and our “buttons” are being pushed repeatedly, incrementally and oftentimes, quite specifically. They know not to push too hard, or too far, or too fast, but push them again and again and again. And they know to keep us divided and even allow illusionary “united movements” to spring forth which they control and infiltrate with a deception that would scare a snake.

    These are the “steam valves” I’ve mentioned before, public expression “vents” that keeps the lid on tight while preventing too much pressure to build up. A large portion of our society is dedicated to this very thing.

    This is why joining anything is generally a bad idea for people. I don’t agree with the ideology of the group, or how it manipulates the individual or creative thought and action. I also know it’s been infiltrated and is being controlled by a hidden agenda. This may sound paranoid to you, but do some investigating on your own.

    I think that joining anything like this is actually a bad idea for everyone else (unless you like to control people). If you have a need to “belong” to something, then make sure it’s absolutely harmless. Ideologies don’t require organization, they only require minds. But I’ll be the first to admit that even minds are not enough, because any ideology held in our minds ultimately requires action.

    Sheer belief is insufficient and this too is easily manipulated. Even belief (to be a true belief instead of self-deception) requires a lifestyle change (action). So whether you call this ideology or belief, it all requires you to actually do something, but I’m definitely not advocating joining any group.

    One of the reasons I advocate that we become self-sufficient and stop supporting Empire is because of many of the points above. We can’t join a group and change anything. We can’t become of “sufficient number” anymore to change outcomes (this is a hugely popular lie), we can’t hope to replace Hydra’s head with yet another one, we can’t even hope to overcome the propaganda and evil being taught to the majority of the people (including your spouse, kids and friends).

    All we can hope to actually do, it to change ourselves. And this too is the only thing we actually have any control over. The rest is either too big, too hopeless or too impossible to overcome, and even if we could, the actual outcome is totally unpredictable. So change yourself, as this is the only thing actually predictable, possible, achievable and ultimately, worthwhile.

    Resistance comes in many forms. The first step begins with you. You’re the root of the tree that makes “all this possible”. There is no lacking for ideas or even ideologies on what can be done, what should be done, and why, but in the end, if we have not changed, what would be the point?

    Therefore, begin the change. With you. Become what you envision. Be what you want. There is no power on Earth that can actually stop this. They can build more prison, pass more legislation, hire more ‘enforcement’ (torturers), and come after anyone who resists, but they cannot stop it and never, ever could.

    You don’t need a permission slip (license) or authorization or approval or anything at all. Just a decision that you’re going to live your life ‘different’ and stop marching to the drumbeat of mass conformity. It won’t make you popular or even liked, but that’s not what this resistance is all about. It’s about you, and the life you live and what you’re willing to put up with and what you’re not. You’ve got one life here to live, so go live it, according to your dictates and common sense, not somebody else’s rules, restrictions, laws, requirements and regulations.

    And stop tolerating the unbelievable level of crap, lying and deception we all put up with each and everyday. If even just a few of us did this, we’d already be living in a different world.

  7. Ok , that is part 2 of this person's paper. I know this is a long set of reads , if you'd like them to stop , I will stop posting them . There is one more page to this and then it is done.

    I know that I learned some valuable things from this paper and I am in hopes that others will as well.



  8. No way carry on.And as far as I know we still have free speech.and yes Rev bring it on if we are to wake up someday with russians,chinese,koreans,irianians out side our doors,I want our people to be able to defend themselves.