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Friday, January 22, 2010

Outfitting weapons for a squad.

Ok,lets say our patriot squad for my area of operations is six men and at present would involve urban close quarter battle and suburban med range battle.I must admit I have paid very little attention to the desert warriors and what they are packin these day's.I have read some are complaning about 5.56 lacking power at long range.Hence development of 6.8 round and specialty weapons ie modular multi cal etc.apparently they are breaking out the m-21's as well.What I am getting at is like a squad during Nam days,dont know specifics but at times appearred they squad auto,sometimes one or two bloopers,sometimes one or two shotguns.Obviously our little squad would not have auto weapons or grenade launchers,at least untill contact was made.Are shotguns viable close quarter weapon with o or oo ? What would be realistic ammo load,we want troopers to have enough yet be light enough to be nimble?For 3% or snipers we would have opportuanites for very long range sniping as well,308,06 or other long range probally bolt action.However I probally dont see this as regular part of squad.Will stop here to get caught up on comments.


  1. I would recommend for CQB , at least 1 or 2 men with BOTH a shotgun and assault rifle, the rest with assault rifle and sidearms.

    Pointmen with shotguns should carry 25 rounds of #4 buckshot to 00 buckshot. #4 Buck is what I recall them using in my days. The only time point would use a shotgun is in extreme close quarters , the rest of the time an assault rifle using 5.56mm (.223cal) out to 350 meters. It would be effective out to 500 meters unless armor is an issue.

    Assault loads should be 100 rounds for point and 150 to 180 for the rest . There should also be 1 man designated to carry extra ammo and his standard load would be spread out through the rest of the squad.

    Any chance to upgrade weapons should be taken so long as there is ample ammo for the upgrade weapon .

    Snipers carry 20 rounds of .308 or 30.06 and his Bolt action rifle or scoped M-14/M1-A. In case sniper prefers scoped semi auto, his load would be approx. 60-90 rounds. Spotter will carry spotting scope and assault rifle to provide assault capability to sniper team.

    Sniper teams can be designated to work with any size squad or unit and will provide overwatch and S.T.A. activity. S.T.A.= Surveillance and Target Acquisition as well as reconnaissance and long range support.



  2. Thank you Sir.When you have time hows bout you and Rev come work out a list of abreviations acronnyms you military types use but us civis dont know,CQB,ao,FoF,etc.I now know STA.

  3. Oh my god !? Ok man , that request is um , how to put it , HUGE ! There are so damned many acronyms , just in "the Crotch" (Marine Corps) alone there have to be 800 or so ? Here is a link to acronyms from "The Suck" (Marine Corps):


    I mean if we ever get into a face to face discussion , certain terms may be used while discussing tactics or battle plans but , there is an entirely different language in the military and for each branch of the military .

    Certain terms "AO" area of operation and "CQB" close quarters battle and "FOF" fields of fire and the list could go on forever , literally . I have even seen some written down on these links and never heard them before while serving .

    Honestly , we should focus on lingo that everyone understands as military language is difficult to teach , it's kind of drilled into you while serving .

    Anyways , the wife is calling and she isn't wearing much so , CYA ;-)



  4. I understand priorities.Yeah I should of said commonly used terms.On a lot of sites,they use acronyms etc.I want anyone who logs on to understand our meanings.maybe it would be easier and less of time drain,if we introduce no one as ,fields of fire,hereafter called fof,simple enuff?

  5. supossed to have been new ones not no ones.I think most of em we would use are common but.

  6. Hey China, I have been trying to catch up this morning . Lots of new stuff here . I had some time with the wife , free of kids (3% & wife had em for the day). It's amazing how peaceful it is without the kids around HAHA .

    They are coming back after breakfast and me and 3% are going to go shoot his newly purchased Grizzly .50 rifle . It is a single shot .50 bmg , but it looks like a bad sum bish !

    I am certain 3% will tell you all about it later on . Anyways , gonna eat and I'll get back here later on .

    Cya in awhile China !


  7. Hey China, I wanted to get back to this as I was distracted during this conversation .

    I suggest setting up for having "FIRETEAMS" as patrol units who are equipped to engage if necessary . Generally, we won't have the personnel or weapons that we would if we were in the military so, I am going to post under those constraints .

    A viable fireteam would consist of 5 to 7 men/women (hey who knows). Everyone should have canteens (2) each and 2 of you should have med kits . Medium or "RECON" packs are good for patrols but, they will leave you short if you get caught out for extended periods of time .Each individual carry 1 MRE or HDR (humanitarian daily ration). This will provide food and takes up less space.

    Your two main assets (former military etc) will have optics ie; binoculars , spotting scope etc .and will be the groups eyes and ears . I recommend everyone have an assault rifle with 80 to 100 rounds on tap, in magazines. A sidearm suitable for close range such as .45 cal pistol, .357 mag wheel gun and 40 rounds for a pistol that uses an 8 round magazine. In essence 5 relaods worth for the sidearm.

    YOU ONLY USE YOUR SIDEARM TO GET BACK TO YOUR RIFLE WHICH YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE LEFT IN THE 1ST PLACE ! Or if you run out of ammo in the rifle and have no time to reload, draw sidearm . Engaging the enemy only affords you 1 shot, you either win or lose . MAKE SURE YOU WIN !

    You will follow your leaders , no matter what, do as they say , they are at point and know what is happening. ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM !!! Keep it quiet but, COMMUNICATE ! A lack of communication will most often get the entire team killed or captured.

    Stay mobile, you are a sitting duck if you sit in one place too long and you can be easily flanked or surrounded. COMMUNICATE , MOVE and SHOOT AS NEEDED. You must move as a team , you must stay together yet, be spread apart enough so you don't whack or shoot your buddy . An 8 man team moves in pairs, point first, then 2 men , then 2 more etc . Never expose yourselves as a whole team.

    If you must engage , know your exfil route. FIRE SUPERIORITY MUST BE ESTABLISHED ! Watch some vids on how the SEALS do their ex filtration , they dump massive fire toward the enemy and when one man is out , he regresses back , taps the next man who in turns dumps massive fire towards the enemy .
    As the new man fires , the one who is empty retreats to the rear and reloads. They continue this until they are out of harms way.

    Doing this is called ESTABLISHING FIRE SUPERIORITY and makes a small team seem much larger . If the enemy decides to give chase, retreat to a predesignated point and ambush those who are following . Your primary concern it to get the fuck to safety ! If you have members of the team wounded , drag them to safety and provide covering and suppressing fire .

    Your team will need to work as a well oiled machine in order for any of this to work properly . You will need to drill , over and over until you can function as a true team .

    More to come later , please ask questions and I will try to answer them .