If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
- Winston Churchill

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." Patrick Henry



We Are Everywhere.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Govt is playing us against each other.

Ok people the Govt via there news sources are playing us against each other.I don't know anything about these Hutaree's,are they really wackos I don't know? But a lot of none wacko militia groups are being lumped with them as are all tea party people.

Media is acting like all militia members are Racist and wanta be cop killers.They are mistaken if they think arresting militia members will solve this problem.

I've seen a lot of people saying we are just mad cause our party lost???

Our party has not been in power in a very long time,the Republicans in power for the last so many years are corruption of the meaning,they do Not serve or speak for the Republic.

We are not mad because our side lost we Are mad because the duly elected side has pulled off Unconstitutional acts,cheated,scammed,misled,LIED to us,The American people that you think are so Stupid that you must force things upon us for our own good.

Well Guess what?? All of you dipshit commie bastards who think smearing the Militia groups will stop the American people,you don't really know American people.Hell we ain't even mad yet,and a few bricks scare you all that bad,whew boy.You Better stop now before we get ugly on your ass.

Cause once we start all your alphabet soup agencies,your Commie troops who will fire on citizens,Ain't none of that gonna be enough.And the fucked part is we DON"T want to fight.We want left alone,to leave free and actually be represented,not dictated to.Really you better Stop now before we really get pissed.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hardening the individual minuteman.

As pointed out by a misguided marine on another blog many of us are older and perhaps still hard underneath,the exterior may have gotten a little flabby.So for me its time to start working on a few things like cutting back a bit on the smokes,I love smoking.My job entails a lot of walking, stair climbing,moving appliances up and down said stairs.So I'm not in terrible shape,but it could be a lot better.

Most of us don't have the discipline for hardcore working out,but those of ya with dogs,maybe get out and walk ol buck a bit,after while ya might even jog in short burst.

Gardening is good exercise and fits in to most of our plans anyway.If you have kids or grand kids,Man thats all the exercise you could want.A friend of mine has a young daughter who has sort of adopted me,in the summer its basketball,kickball,hula hoop,jogging,jump rope yeah I know hard ass China jumpin a rope with a little girl my boys laugh their asses off,but you get the picture.Get out and get moving.Range your A.O..Scout your A.O for choke points,(ambush spots),places to set up hides,etc.

If you have boys get out and wrestle with em,practice hand to hand.

I like fishing,if you're bank fishin pick a spot a little harder to get too.If you have the smaller aluminum boat row a ways before fire up outboard.

I'm not saying you gotta be Arnold but flexibility and some wind may be very important soon.


Whats your range ?

Ok politics have pretty much taken over our lives for last couple months.I have been pretty much checking out my area of operations.And here in my part of Indiana for the most part,500 yds will be very long range.Unless perhaps you had a target on the interstate then you may have a very long shot.

So in reality I probably don't need a 1200 yd whopper stopper,and my limited prepping funds could be used better else where.

Here in perhaps 1 month I will be able to get away from work and check out my newest hardware.One of my newest purchases may turn out to be a good long range shooter anyway.

So those of you prepping on a budget you may want to really see what your needs are.Fill in your priorities first,then come back to the wants.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Absolute must read article at Sipsey St posted by Supposed marine.


The End of the Democrats??

At the rate the democrats are moving and the way they are achieving their goals there will be a civil war in America again.When it is over Democrats will be spoken of like Nazi's are now reviled and hated.In the end they will be destroyed just like every party of Tyrants have been.And for all you queens who say Republicans started all this,I don't hold them in much better light.America needs more than two parties in politics.

I was on a blog the other day of a guy I like to read and respect,a lady had responded on a comment left from another reader about health care,she started hers with Fuck the constitution.I left a polite message and left that blog,since I do respect this fella if not all of his politics.However I am on my blog now,FUCK you,you stupid little cunt.For over 200 years the Constitution is the only thing that has kept America free.The only true Bastion of freedom in the world.Many men and women have fought and died to keep us free,And you say Fuck the Constitution?

Well darling I say Fuck YOU! And I hope you will like paying for all the illegals who are about to be granted Amnesty.The lady couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want the 20-30 million people with out Ins,to have have it.And as you and the fella who runs the blog stated we all pay for it anyway.True.Now we will be bound by law,an unjust law,a Law that will be a doorway to many other unjust laws.Opening a passage way to socialism that most Americans don't want.

I know this lady and all the democrats,liberals,commies,socialist,progressives,and all the other banners these people fly under wont understand,but the Americans I grew up with are Individualist,Hard workers,Independent,freedom loving,people.Some went by Democrat.Some went as Republican.Some went by no label.None needed welfare unless there was a serious injury where one couldn't work or perhaps A woman was left by an evil man,and this was her only way of feeding her family.And many of these women worked several jobs,took in ironing,did alterations etc.Those days are gone.Now many play the system, welfare, food stamps,govt housing.Have you ever been to a housing project? I have.And some do just need a hand up.However many are generational welfare state people.Most can work but they don't.Many get food stamps which they sell for drugs and alcohol.

I don't mind helping some one who needs a hand,been there before,may possibly be there again.Point being the new regime seems to encourage this kind of behavior.I don't need a Government that tells me what to buy,where to buy,or how I must behave or believe.I know whats best for me and mine.A govt that would encourage bringing back jobs most of which have been sent away,and still are (globalism) (greed).Manufacturing is almost gone in our country.That is the govt that's needed not one that spends one and a half years on some dumbass health bill that almost no one wants,that is about to destroy this country.No jobs,housing crisis,economical crisis and yet damn near nothing has been done.

So anyway lady Fuck you and your govt.


Friday, March 26, 2010

In defense of Vanderboegh.

A lot of people are screaming Mike Vanderboegh shouldn't haven't have inspired a brick throwing campaign.In reality it started a couple hundred years ago.All of you libs who think he was wrong,must remember when you try to tyranize real Americans,Something is gonna happen.

People are mad enough to start shooting Vanderboegh possibly saved a few lives.AS I always tell my guys at work do something even if its wrong. You feel its wrong.

A lot of Americans feel it was a way to lash out at a Dictatoral government that has ignored the wishes of the very people it is Supposed to represent.

And to that little ASS wad who was making fun of the commenter on another blog about patriots not being able to spell,you may be right while you commies were are at school we were working so while you had to debate and study communism and socialism,we were working to support all of you socialist on fucking welfare and all these grand programs you want. So FUCK YOU.You little limp wristed pussy.

Any way bricks before bullets,he was trying to warn you retards WE don't want your Fucking programs.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two days later,what have you done to fight it.

You did call,text or email your Gov,Congress critter,mayor,State Att Gen Senator Right or did you just walk around bitchin an talkin tough? Arm chair Patriotism will not get it Done,get off yer Ass and do something.OR not.




Monday, March 22, 2010


Hello Comrades,for those who haven't heard the IRS will be enforcement agency for Health Care, perhaps That is why they needed short barreled 12 gauge shotguns?And the Sneaky Fuckers had this waiting in the wings,check it out at Friendly Tavern.


Obama said this is for the people.Pelois said we will have to pass it to see whats in it.WTF? AL Sharpton said anybody who voted for Obama voted for Socialism.DID YOU you people who voted for change,did you really vote for that?

A poll said Pelosi has 11% approval rating.Harry Reid 8%.64% of Americans say CONgress is doing a poor job.We need to evict these whores from Office immediately with extreme prejudice.

They are stealing our rights and bankrupting our country.Trying to make America a total welfare state.The middle class,my class,the class of most folks I know and Love is Rapidly becoming the New Poor.

I think if my fellow Americans are not willing to fight them then I guess dropping out of Society and Starving the Beast is my only option.Short of going totally native I don't see Starving the beast.You have to drive to work,no public trans in my area.You must buy some groceries.License plates,Ins,tires, oil,utilities,cable for internet (me),etc,etc.You may make it skip meals but you wont starve it.

Some say we can do it at the polls.Are there enough Conservative,libertarian,independent types of politicos out there?

12 states are planning law suits I emailed my CONgressman and said he better be in on filing one for INDIANA.If you haven't hit up your Rep,Mayor,GOV. It may help,Doing nothing is not an option.

A disgusted Sad ANGRY

To his friends I miss 3%4 freedom,but in a way I'm glad my friend isn't here to see this.And I am truly sorry for all of you past and present who swore an oath to protect the Constitution fought for it,only to see it Destroyed by our own Government.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

TRAITORS need to be removed from Government now!

The American people need to rise up as one giant mass and remove these traitors.They have mocked,literally laughed at the Constitution of the UNITED STATES.

THEY are attempting nay they ARE turning our once Proud Republic in to a country that Hitler and Chairman Mao or Stalin would be proud of.I am Sickened to the Core of my Being.

Our Constitution is the only thing that keeps us from being like them,it and the love of freedom that is in most of us.WE rose up once against a Faraway king.

And yet we have a wanta be Socialist Dictator that some of us elected who is treating us far poorer than that King once tryed to do.

With each passing day they steal more of our Rights.

With each passing day they push us farther in Debt.

With each passing day we are one step closer to being Slaves.

IT is time to Make America FREE AGAIN.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Under commie care bill IRS will be inforcing penalties.

Under OBUMMERS COMMIECARE you will be forced to have Ins.If you don't you will be Fined. THE fines will be inforced by the IRS with their new 870's.Come on People.



The last hope

Read the last hope from Lew Rockwell.I think we are at Insurrection time,however if it can be done be done this is fine too.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Socialst at The Kremlin oops I meant Whitehouse are preparing big push for Healthcare.

I have have attempted to think of ways to not have a REVOLUTION,every time I think it may be possible there are more LIES,more DECEIT,more Loss of FREEDOM.I get mad,I think be Rational.I have came to the conclusion I am Totally Rational I have always been Rational.

It is So called American politicians who are completely Irrational.Fact America is a Republic based on the CONSTITUTION.Fact the politicians ignore and sidestep the Constitution.Fact they label Americans who Honor the Constitution as Terriost.

Fact Americans are afraid of their Goverment.Fact the Goverment is supposed to work for the people.Fact they are going against the wishes of the people.Fact even as they are warned they are going against the wishes of the people they push even harder to pass bills that are not wanted.

Fact Our founding Fathers warned this would happen and that Patriotic Americans would always have the RIGHT to be Armed and to have FREE SPEECH.And that when our elected officials no longer listen to the people,then it is time to take up Arms and remind them Who actually RULES this Country.

Fact the REPUBLIC is being destroyed by people who do not want a free Republic,it is being destroyed by people who do want a socialst oligarchy,where the few in power enslave the very people THEY are to serve,not vice versa.

Fact TREASON,Lies,deceit,Laws the people do NOT want,excessive taxes,Fraduelnt waste of said Taxes.

I am asking is it not past time to take our Country back,and make our GOVERMENT work for us once Again.

A lady asked BENJAMIN FRANKINLIN as he walked out from drafting the Constituion,Sir what have you given us? A republic if you can keep it.

WE HAVEN"T KEPT IT,it was stolen from US.Stolen one little tax,one little undesired law at a time,one more little loss of FREEDOM.

NOW WHAT? WHAT Do WE do? Talk has Failed.Do we become Socialst,Communist or whatever their plans are? An over TAXED POLICE state where everyone is poor with no rights,no way to defend yourself?Starving waiting in line for a loaf of Goverment bread.Squealing on friends and neighbors for a Few eggs or a little milk for your kids? SOUNDS crazy right ask the Russians or the Germans.They did nothing either because they wanted Change.IT Is TIME for a REAL change.

WHATS it gonna BE?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I would like to ask a favor from all of you who read this blog to go to western rifle shooters blog and read a very serious warning to Nancy pelosi.And after you have read please leave a comment,since we know most of our blogs are monitored Let them hear us!!! Thanks.



Interesting read.

No treason.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Firefights and Rifles.

This question I pose to R3V or Vets with combat experience.Say the Germans,Russians,Chinese,Zombies and U.S. govt all attack my house house at one time,I only grabbed one rifle and a bunch of ammo.How many rounds am I gonna get before I melt it down or have rounds cooking off in the chamber?I know on machine guns they swap out barrels is this just due to sustained high rate of fire?Running through several mags Mini getting hot.I seen an idiot on youtube awhile back shooting full auto AK shooting 3-4 drums in a row actually set barrel on fire.Anyway is this a consideration or no?


Interrogation,Detention, and Prosecution of American Citizens.

Heres one ya really should read from Lew Rockwell.


Saturday, March 13, 2010


What have you done to stop this mess?What have I done? Not much I'm afraid a couple of emails.Strarted blogs to try to help inform people,but I'm afraid its not enough.

Lets try a disscusion on changing what we've got without violence,is there any way?I mean the teapartiers got ignored,Skeletor (pelosi) said they are not a grass roots movement,If there ever was a grass roots movement that was it!Everyday people saying we have had enough.Then they get Hijacked by politicians.Fucking ASSHOLES.

DOES it not seem like they are intenionally trying to start a civil war.Pete Smith at Patriots against the NWO had a post up that said 56% are tired of Govt meddling 51% said you have to give up some rights to be safe.WTF, who are these people.With no disrespect to any who lost loved ones due to terriost.But how many actual camel jockey type terriost have hit U.S. soil?And these stupid measures being set up do they actually think they are doing something.

OUR own Goverment is looking at us citizens harder than foreign terriost.We've all seen the video Hannity had on Fox of Terriost training camps in the U.S..TERRIOST training camps here yet they are protected by the Constituion? WE are not but they are? By the time OBUMMER is voted out of office,or impeached or whatever becomes of him,America will quite likely be destroyed.LIBERAL SOCIALST politicians.GREEDY ultra rich Globalist have destroyed us,put some serious thought into how can we save what we had we can't its gone.

Can we save what little we still have? Is Civil war the only solution? I personally don't think theres much time left. PLease go hear and read no other free place to go.


For those leftist who would say we are terriost,or a bunch of Bubbas who want to play with our guns, I say all of you fuckers go live your dream with Chavez and we will gladly use up all this ammo hunting and target shooting,well we will save some in case you come back.If any of you real People have ideas on how to stop whats coming with out bloodshed please comment,Liberals need not apply.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Paranoia in the air.

For any of ya who've been out of the country or not had access to gun or patriot related blogs you should start reading NOW!Check out Mayberry,Sippsey Street Irregulars,American Preppers network and Many others to see all the Gun and AMMO orders going out by Goverment agencies.

14''barreled 12ga pumps,semi and full auto assult rifles,supressed 7.62x51 semis.Night vison equipment.

For those debating on which weapon to buy or to buy next,make your best educated guess and get Something and as much Ammo as you can afford.

Pistol calibre carbines close range.

AK-47,AR-15,Mini-14 -30 and similar rifles and carbines.For our purposes a carbine is short or very short barrel,best in house or house to house or heavy wooded or brush country shooting.

Rifle med to long barrel,more velocity better sighting radius,sometimes awkward in heavy cover,med to long range shooting.

Pistol caliber pros are they share same ammo as your side arm,cons usually much weaker than rifle calibers.

For most something in common military caliber may be good option..223,308.same as 5.56-7.62x51.Eastern bloc Ak-47 shoots 7.62x39 Ak-74 shoots 5.45x39.Mosin-nagants shoot 7.62x59r A very powerfull round at least equal to U.S. 30-06 this round is shared with Dragunov's.

Some of newer versions and clones can be had in U.S. calibers example AK in 223,AK in 7.62x54r,AR in 7.62x39.

MY call would be at least .223 for close to med range.

If you look around Ammo can be bought in bulk cheaper.

A quick caliber history lesson for those starting out is originally light machine guns,machine pistols, fired pistol rounds 9mm,.45acp,etc.

Battle rifles like Enfield,Nagants,Springfield,Mausers etc fired larger full size rounds like 7mm,8mm,30cal which includes rounds like 30-06,303british,7.62x54r.later assult rifles fired an intermediate round bigger than pistol smaller than rifle.Usuall range is somwhere between 300-500yds max Aprx.

A couple of places to start searching for ammo and magazines to feed them might include places like Cheaper than dirt,THE Sportsmans guide,THE Armoury,there are many others but I can personally vouch for all 3 of these no problems to date.

Some mil surplus ammo is listed as penatrator or steel core this will go through hard objects better but does not expand on soft objects.Anyway buy Something and ammo a.s.a.p.I'm not sure what but something IS going on.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ar-15's, 6.5 Grendel,uppers,and others.

Anyone who knows me knows I'v never been a huge fan of Ar-15's there ok but not my favorite rifle until maybe now.

Those who have been following along have seen R3VOLUTION touting the merits of the 6.5 Grendel as possible soultion as(reasonably) affordable long range round.I was checking an Alexander arms does offer 6.5 uppers for those who own mil spec lowers.
That just bumped AR's way up in my book.If you haven't checked out 6.5 grendel we both have links up in comments below.This sounds like a very flat shooting,hard hitting round with mild recoil.So at this point one or two Ar's with several diff uppers sounds like a winner in my book.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Brothers in Texas had another one snap!!!

Don't know the details yet but ya know,somebody fucked somebody outta some money I'll bet ya.People are finally gettin tired of being fucked out o their money.


Ok lets see Quit fuckin people out of their money or ban guns,HUMMM,yep better ban guns.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

GoatFucker still on the loose 1st news report was wrong.

Picked this up from Drudge report.Do not leave your goats unattended.


HA Ha American born goatfucker arrested today!

Adam Gadahn the American born goatfucking spokesman for the Al-Qadia was arrested today after his message went out.


Al-Qaida threatening America again.

Keep an eye open at all times.An American born Goat fucker Oh Sorry meant herder turned Al-Qaida spokesman says military bases are not the only high value targets.Be carefull this could be coming to a mall near you.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

This from Staying alive.

An article from Dec 2009.They missed their 45-60 day window,however everything is taking longer finacial collapse etc.For a while there was much coming from military -police.Was it all bullshit or a delay in implementing.Maybe we didn't react as expected?


Personally I don't whats true and whats not.All I know is there are many people who do know that are paranoid as hell now.I do truly believe America could not be this messed up unless someone is truly trying to mess it up.

There have been verified reports of foreign soldiers training with American soldiers.
And many cases of U.S soldiers practising for police,civil disturbance situations.So perhaps I am paranoid,but not without some Reason behind it.


If you haven't read these before You should.

The Rand corp recommends Stability police force.You do know who funds the Rand corp,right?


Operation Garden plot.


OPeration End Game


Halliburton gets contract to build temporary detention centers.


I can not find the pdf on operation cable splicer at one time I got scared and dumped all files.That was a little over a year ago.THAT is when my computer started acting weird.

A lot of things that if used properly,of course could be helpfull to Americans.
If used improperly could be used to enslave Americans.

Do your own research.Trust and believe no one untill you've checked it all out yourself.


Good video on census.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back in action !!!

I had some trouble with computer last two days.Finally had to shut it down and pull the plug yesterday.My lovely ex wife got it cleared up and running again.This weekend she will be making it much more hack proof.

Many people on many sites and in daily life keep asking How much more are we gonna Take?

They are stealing us blind.I don't know about you all but my payroll taxes are killing me.Every fucking day,you here of some stupid shit they have done with our money.

Honestly,as I have said before I don't mind some taxes,without some we probally would live in chaos,no fire,police,shitty roads,etc.BUT come on tax the Hell out of us then WASTE IT.

They have made a mockery of the U.S. constituion.More and more of your rights are Gone.SPYING on US citizens in the name of antiterrorism,BULLFUCKING SHIT it is to find out how pissed we are.THEY want to know when you'all are going to take to the streets with pitchforks and torches to kill the Monster.I am pissed,many good people are pissed.

They are doing very little to catch real terriost,but they are watching you saying you are a rightwing domestic terriost. Why?

Because you Still care about the Constitution,Because you are tired of paying more and more in taxes,and then seeing it wasted,seeing it go to bail out Bankers who made some piss poor investments but now are in good enough shape too get huge bonuses,seeing it go to car companies too stupid to change with the times and give people want they want.

If you or I make a bad investment what happens?We lose our asses.

If you don't run your business properly what happens?You shut it down or figure out very quickly how to get it right,more than likely you lose your ass.

Our money is worth next to nothing,and as they keep printing more it will be worth even less.

Everything in our Country at this time is geared to making a select few rich.With so many unemployed,why is the only thing Obama concerned about is Heathcare that the majority doesn't even want?the Republic is gone,many call America a Democracy,But when the Majority doesn't want it what do you call it?Not a Republic,not even a Democracy, Hummm,Honestly I don't care what you call it Monarchy,Dictatorship,Communism,Nazism,IT STINKS,IT SUCKS,Free people can only take it for so long.
Why are OUR police dressing more like soldiers everyday? Jump boots,pants bloussed,balaclavas to hide their faces,name tags and badges often hidden.Does this sound like they are serving or inslaving.

For the last several Presidencies they have written themselves more power and taken more of our rights.

WHY do we need NORTHCOM,or Council of Govenors or a Govt that spys on US.Or acusses us of being terriost because we still love the Constitution and what it represents.Shouldn't THEY be called terriost for undermining the Constitution and trying to circumvent the Document that is America,think it about that,without the Constitution what is America?

In my Humble opinion if as much time was spent on unemployment as was on healthcare.At this time no one would be unemployed.

And what of this Bullshit that we can't be protectionst,its a global world? UUMMM well unless the rest of the world becomes citizens of the United States and uphold the Constitution,pay taxes to America,FUCK EM.If America doesn't Protect America who will?Our friends the Russians,maybe the Chinese, or PERHAPS our Comrades the North Koreans.

So my Question is how much more are we GONNA TAKE???


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Send it things it there may be too many variables to outfit for.So for those who have no idea,I will give a few general ideas.OK lets say you just found out the enemy is at the gate and you've got a minute to get ready. I have Bugout bag loaded if I'm to flee from home.If the gate is far enough away that I can meet or head them off away from my home, I would grab my vest which holds 8 mags for mini-14 1 in gun,side arm ,several mags for it on vest also,knife of your choice mine are old camillus,and or cold steel SRK,small pack extra clothes depending on season if warm probally extra socks only,several bags of ramen noodles,lg bag beef jerky,2canteens,small tarp,rope or para cord,at least two fire making devices mine are mag rod and bic lighters.If I could afford it best body armor I could afford and kevlar helmet.I would sling Ak or mini and carry my most accurate long range gun and 30 to sixty rounds in pack for it,as sniper weapon I dont see putting as many rounds out as in a firefight with assult rifle but I am not a soldier.My bugout pack is lg alice,sm pack is lg bookbag type.Also 1 roll t-p no leaves on ass.Recomendations or thoughts?


More info.

If you notice on the right (Ha Ha little right wing domestic terriost humor) are a row of pdf links on field manuals related to training.


Scotus so far so good !



We started with a post on outfitting a squad,and got sidetracked away from it.Threeper wanted to get back to it.I think before we even get to squad we should start with individual minuteman.I think several issues would determine what equip you would load out.Is a bugout type scenario, in which case I would take my bugout bag which is pretty well equipped.Or having a home base or staging area too procede from.Or always moving restocking on supplies from caches.Besides the obvious gun, knife,water,food,first aid,ammo.What would be needed? At this point I will pass off off to R3V or Send It or someone with experience.


SERE manual pdf.

One final gift from Threeper.You guys who have read and trained for it may want to brush up,those who haven't read it,then read it again.


Sorry ,guys and gals not sexist here in China's world.I think Vietnamese proved women can be wicked fighters.

Defeating Thermal Imaging.

Good morning all,starting day 3 of what they call a staycation these days.After a really tough winter of snow removal my tired old bones are digging the R-R.Ok after discussing Thermal Imaging ( T-i ) with Send It, I started researching the subject.My computer started to act pretty Hinky,mid ways in it put up run time at max ErrOr run time or something like that and closed out everything.I have never had that show up but I'm sure it's just a COINCIDENCE um huh yep.Since I got kicked out I will do more research.The first forum was just citizens questioning how to defeat T-i.One posted that afhgani's use wool blankets when they hear choppers coming,I listed a brand of thermal blanket at $49 for this purpose.They said Myth busters did an episode on defeating T-i and a sheet of glass worked,of course may be a bit awkward to carry on battle field.Another said there are a type of tent used by military for this purpose about $200 on ebay.So there are ways to beat thermal whick makes me feel better.I dont have thermal scanner I usally hire this out when checking for heat loss at work.Now that I have calmed down and looked at this rationlly insulation defeats thermal.Also as escape measure temporarily blinding I-r may work to escape.Flashbang,ie-homemade fireworks that explode in bright white,lg explosions,Many lg campfires flaring at once,etc.I am over this one,now about that technology that lets em see thru walls,Oh crap here we go again.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Supreme court will be adressing gun rights under 2nd amendment.

SCOTUS will be deciding if the 2nd amendment apply's to states or only to federal law.


What are we prepping for.

If it is the zombie hordes who didn't prepare as pointed out by R3V.Or a breadown of govt. due to name scenario massive earthquake,terriost (real terriost seeking to destroy U.S.)nuke attack by Iran,China,Russia,NO.Korea,etc.Or Martial law imposed by U.S. Govt to quell uprising by the sheep once they realize they have been screwed by politicians.Or uprising by sheep because as many are predicting coming food shortages.I think for some, you really should figure out most likely sceario or scenarios that would effect you peronally.

Martial Law is a scenario picked by many these days due to so many factors that could provoke it.

For myself.IT would depend on the cause and degree.Are they merely imposing M.L while they are setting up nanny gov food kitchens.Making sure no one is rioting or taking more than they allow,etc.

Or are we talking totall America will now be a police state,using GPS coordinates obtained during census to kick in doors and seize weapons arresting occupants,as gun owners must be radicals and therefore dangerous.

Since I tend to run a little paranoid these days due to all I see and hear,I would like to hear from you all,is my paranoia running away or as in most cases better to be prepared and not need to be or should I just buy a bigscreen order a pizza and call it good.