If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
- Winston Churchill

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." Patrick Henry



We Are Everywhere.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

To my buddies who suffered the injustices of Govt run AMUK.

Ok, I'm glad to hear one of my new friends is among the sort of Free again.On the advice of one I made some changes.If the other on the light of a new day doesn't feel a littlr different,upon his say so I can restore it. In spite of Tottally JUSTEFIED ANGER I feel you should listen to your friend.AS you have said my BRO,there will be a place and time where you will be needed don't be goaded into something where they can make you the Bad Man.I must say seeing you in print again made my Fuckin DAY!Probally not much I can do except offer Moral Support and THIS you Have.IF there is let me Know.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Survival Medicine? Really need reader help!!!

AS pointed out Survival medical treatment is possibly most important aspect of being prepared.

I realize most us of will not be able to read a couple of book's and become field trauma surgeons,yet in a crisis with no real doctors or medical equipment available someone may have to be,now what?

Any reccomendations on hardcore medical manuals.I think in many cases you could make it worse.But knowing how to treat major trauma,gunshot - knife wounds,how to properly apply turniquet,improper use can cause loss of limbs.

I would reccomend at a minumum at least make sure tetnus shot up to date,it would suck to have all the latest and greatest survival equipment only to die from an infected scratch.

A comprehinsive first aid kit is mandatory.Cheaper than dirt,sportsman guide,nitro pak,among many others carry them.Most that I have seen do not come with sutures,some do come with clotting agents,even these have controversy some say good some say don't use.I have seen info online on how to suture,I would at a minimum print this out keep with kit.

Even if no one knows how to use surgical items maybe you will get lucky and the next group that wanders in may have a doctor.Ragnar Benson has recomend in the past vetrinary supplies I dont know but possibly could be a source.With out an adequate hospital much would be impossible.

But the more you know the better your chances. I have ran out of time will do follow up with more info after researching.

Recommened reading.

If any one has reading material they would recommend for us new guys or even refresher for military guys please comment.Small unit,guerilla warfare anything that my help a patriot defend his homeland pass it on.Thanks.

Body armor.

Most body armor I have seen advertised will only stop handguns and possibly shotgun pellets.Is there any body armor that will stop center fire rifle rounds.What will vietnam era flak vest stop? anyone with real world experience,please share.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What would Martial Law look like?

I can picture all out us against them civil war,or revolt.But some of you military types have probaly been prepped for it.What would Martial Law look like are we talking troops in personel carriers and trucks.Or tanks on corners,attack helicopters flying overhead?

Sipsey street irregulars has good post up.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Site to help Americans defend their Country.

For anyone just finding this blog.With all of the things going on in our country in the last couple of years,terriost and talk of goverment surppressing civil uprisings etc.With the help of a couple of friends I am trying to get information to help the average American to be able to defend his home,neighborhood,city,state,country.If this sounds a little crazy to you.Just remember who the original minutemen were,they were not professional soldiers,they were citizens protecting what was theirs.Some of you will say we have an army for that,what if the very army that is to protect you is the oppressor.Will that happen,who knows? But with all the socialist agendas going on in this country at this time,one should look at other socialist countrys to see if their troops have been used to oppess them. I'm being kind here of course they have and still are socialist start out doing things for the good of the people then when the people dont want this help it is forced on them from the barrel of a gun.So if it sounds like I am an amatuer yes I am I never wanted to be a soldier,honestly I still don't but as the saying goes if not me than who.So with the help of my two exmilitary friends and anyone else who joins in,we shall attempt to make American citizens a force to be reckonned with again.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Outfitting weapons for a squad.

Ok,lets say our patriot squad for my area of operations is six men and at present would involve urban close quarter battle and suburban med range battle.I must admit I have paid very little attention to the desert warriors and what they are packin these day's.I have read some are complaning about 5.56 lacking power at long range.Hence development of 6.8 round and specialty weapons ie modular multi cal etc.apparently they are breaking out the m-21's as well.What I am getting at is like a squad during Nam days,dont know specifics but at times appearred they squad auto,sometimes one or two bloopers,sometimes one or two shotguns.Obviously our little squad would not have auto weapons or grenade launchers,at least untill contact was made.Are shotguns viable close quarter weapon with o or oo ? What would be realistic ammo load,we want troopers to have enough yet be light enough to be nimble?For 3% or snipers we would have opportuanites for very long range sniping as well,308,06 or other long range probally bolt action.However I probally dont see this as regular part of squad.Will stop here to get caught up on comments.

command chain.

from wiki,having never been in military.I looked this up.If inacurrate correct please.It was stated there can be differances between branches.And between cavalry,grunts,armor etc.This should be close enough for our purposes.

Squad 9-13 soldiers.

Platoon 20-42 soldiers.

Company 70-200 soldiers.

Battalion 300-1,300 soldiers.

Brigade 3,000-5,000 soldiers.

Divison 10,000-15,000 soldiers.

Corps 20,000-45,000 soldiers.

Know thy weapon!

Most shooters argue the merits of their gun over another.

If your life is to depend on your weapon,as long as it fires a sufficent caliber to stop a man,is reliable without fail,then the rest is up to the gunner get to know your weapon,love your weapon,keep it clean,lubed,and practise,practise,practise.

Shoot at close quarters.Shoot at medium range.Shoot at long range.Shoot from weakside.Shoot standing,kneeling,sitting,prone,from under cover,over cover,around cover.

Having played woods paint ball I do know there is rarely a perfect shot,always something in your way.

If your area of ops include wooded or semi wooded areas dig and camoflague hidey holes,spider holes,whatever you want to call em measure off ranges and shoot from em.

Years ago when 45-70 was the round,old time marksman shot at ranges today being shot only with high powered magnum rounds,it is the shooter as much as anything.

If they could hit targets at almost 1000yds with iron sights and a round whose trajectory looked like a rainbow with modern flat shooting rounds all we need is massive amounts of practise.

America guns,history.

After the war was over someone asked the japanese leader why they didnt attack America directly.He said they felt it would be foolhardy,what with a gun behind every rock and tree.THAT in its self should be an arguement against gun control.Ok back to it.There are still guns behind every rock and tree,and the spirit of freemen is growwing stronger by the day.Always they forget Americans when their freedoms are threatened become stronger and angrier.For any country that would consider coming on our soil to assume role of conqueror,peacekeeper,occupier what ever it is you are being told God help you.In recent days there has been talk of Russian,korean,chinese,U.N. forces,someone has said there is a standing agreement with canada to send in peacekeepers.The president has called home one million troops,north com, for disaster and terriost protection is what your hearing now.However North Com was set up to quell civil unrest-disobediance.Why all the talk of unrest civil disturbance?We are going to atempt to help the average American be better propared in case something of this nature should happen.The minutemen were able to drop what they were doing and be in formation in one minute.things are not as they were in 1776 however we shall say in a timely manner.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disorganized organization.

No one leader.Leader can't be killed.Several strong indivuals perhaps leading together.History has shown when leaders are killed resistance is broke up .Indian campaigns kill the chief they take off.That is why in numerous wars officers removed insigna to not be targets.Kill the officer giving ordes troops retreat.So in my mind this one makes good sense right off.

Welcome to our new blog for american PATRIOTS.

In the days to come we will be discussing all manner of things to defend America if you are one of those Americans who are ashamed to be American and feel we should be all the worlds friend even to the loss of AMERICAN pride,jobs,and freedoms you probally will feel unwelcome here cause we are loud and Proud.

AMERICANS bow to no one,not that we are unpolite but we are free AMERICANS and bowing is done by serfs to their masters.WE have no masters,only TO GOD,and ourselves ,and our country do we owe alligence. IF this sounds like you then follow along and join in.