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- Winston Churchill

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you stop armor,choppers,artillery.

One of my worst fears is attack helicopters.Armored vehiciles,and artillery are very scary as well.Armed soldiers we know how to stop.But armor,nope.Artillery maybe long distance sniping of personell.I read in one of Ragnar bensons books a long while back to push cars and junk in lanes to make it harder for them to get through.The avances made in military machines is amazing. Thoughts?


  1. Well, well, this all poses a huge question . First , not even GOD himself can stop ARTY (artillery). Arty has no conscience and kills everything indiscriminately . In summary , you CANNOT stop or evade ARTY !

    Second , Armor can be defeated with either AP rounds (armor piercing) or DU rounds (depleted uranium) .As civilians we can only have access to AP rounds and maybe API rounds (armor piercing incendiary)but, you would need at least .50 cal to put the hurt on heavier armor .

    Tanks cannot be pierced by small arms fire except for maybe ,this is a BIG maybe, a .50 cal with AP rounds and you'd be a fool to fire on an M1AI ABRAMS TANK with anything other then an aircraft firing DU rounds or 3 javelins in succession in the exact same spot .

    M1A1 ABRAMS has the toughest armor known to man and even a lot of other tanks cannot pierce the ABRAMS' armor . The only thing that can take one out is an A-10 warthog firing 25mm DU rounds, a very large missile or a HUGE IED .

    An APACHE gunship can also take out our latest tanks with it's hellfire missiles or TOW missiles and it also carries a 30mm vulcan cannon that fires depleted uranium high explosive rounds .

    Today's choppers , more commonly known as GUNSHIPS , have some stout armor and are impervious to small arms fire . SO, forget about taking one out unless some foreign entity is going to volunteer to arm you with the proper weaponry .

    If you think you can out maneuver an APACHE , get a grip .......... They have the latest in everything , including but not limited to infrared heat sensing cameras and weapons tracking so , you cannot hide . Run if you want , you will just die tired ....... If they acquire you as a legit target , you are about to become pink mist.

    The only hope we would have versus any of our military's armored vehicles or choppers is , if one of our OATHKEEPERS was flying one and decided to engage our enemy forces . Otherwise , I think we would all become vapor and forgotten .

    Again, in times of peril , there is no shame in hiding and ambushing the enemy . It will be effective to a point and will allow you to bring the fight to your chosen arena . If there is light air support then , finish the ambush and get the fuck away from the area as quickly as possible and as far away as possible . If they decide to limit your glory by sending artillery , you will die there .

    I gotta get going but , this was a great thread ........ It reiterated the fact that we are seriously out gunned and out manned . If I didn't have my previous experience , I would give this shit up HA HA .



  2. Geez ....... Well China, You pose quite the perplexing question up above . How do you stop Artillery : You are correct China and 3%, ya it seems weird how both sides of the coin can be correct but, hear me out .

    IF, in large, bold print "IF" you can gain access to get a shot at the Artillery grunts who have been shelling you , ya sniping them is your only option. Not unlike Viet Nam , when you kill 1 , there are 40 more to take their place. Same goes for Artillery grunts .

    So, now you know a small opportunity to snipe the guys who are shelling you is your only chance . 3% never holds back , does he . 3% is unfortunately correct. If you are the target of Artillery , you are most likely dead meat and not your god or mine would be able to stop it from happening .

    Artillery is vicious and has no care in the world what it destroys . It is also a terrific demoralizing weapon . Once an area is slaughtered by artillery , nobody wants to fight anymore .

    I beg to differ slightly from 3% on the armored vehicles. A .50 cal with API rounds will bring down just about anything , except an M1A1 tank . In Afghanistan , they kicked Russia's HIND attack choppers down with mere RPG's . They had to use them tactically but, it worked and that fkn HIND is an animal from hell.

    Apaches' use a titanium alloy and something they won't tell you about for armor. The ABRAMS TANK has multiple layers of armor , one of which is made from , you guessed it DEPLETED URANIUM . It stops damn near anything that wants to penetrate it. FORGET ASSAULTING AN M1A1 ABRAMS TANK, it is suicide.

    Gunships , I personally would run like my life depended on it if an Apache or U.S.M.C. SUPER COBRA was coming at me . They have 1 single purpose and that is to seek out and kill or destroy any target they can effectively slaughter . They scare me almost as much as artillery but not quite .

    Light armored vehicles are stout and they carry troops or support such as , medical ,resupply etc . . U.S. Army has STRIKERS and when they come , get out of the way ! They can be fashioned with any type of armament there is , including the "Mark19" automatic 40mm grenade launcher. Having used this before , I can attest to it's devastating effect .

    All branches of the U.S. military have been using robots, drones and anything they can to keep troops from dieing . Our issue is , we have to go against that and we are fucked . The infamous U.C.A.V. (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) is a sumbish to say the very least.

    Let's face it , we will have to learn and adapt as situations arise . If you sit here and look at it from this POV (point of view), you will quit right now and go join the rest of the sheep at camp FEMA .

    Just remember , ANYTHING is possible with the proper motivation and NECESSITY is the mother of invention . People far less well armed than us have fought and won out of sheer unwillingness to give in ! Keep that gut full of piss and vinegar , keep that will to be FREE strong and alive inside of you and you can and WILL overcome any and all odds !

    We can achieve untold wonders with sheer will and the proper application of black powder ;)


  3. Hey R3V,good to have you both back.Hope you all kicked at ass at camp freedom fighter.Yeah I been tellin people they need ML's and lots o BP to feed em.Doin all I can here.

  4. OOP's Threeper,I must of previewed then signed out erasing my comment.Thanks Cuz,I truly appreciate advice from you an R3V.Most of exmilitary's that I knew are gone,one way or another.Fuckin shame too I knew 2 nam vets who would been Primo help about now.And on this one too I'm gettin hits but no one commenting,guess people wanna know but want to be annoymous,thats cool too.

  5. Yeah, R3v is right, anything can be done if the participants are willing and able to figure out how to do it . My problem has been being burnt out lately . I'll tell you what and this is a promise, if we all get together during times of strife , I can and will discuss viable options for eliminating certain targets outlined in this thread.

    I am not going to go into all that on an unsecure blog site though . No worries, anything can be done and there are few things that cannot be destroyed one way or the other . Where there is a will and knowledge, there is a way .

    We're doing well at the retreat. Fence is done and shed frame is built, ready for spring to finish . We are going in on a large propane tank to set up somehow so we will have other fuel options.

    Hehe , we left some lovely parting gifts for any individuals who feel it necessary to infiltrate our compound (muahahaha) . I went on a really hard line after my incarceration so, nobody gets a free ride again, fkn thieves ......... Next time they try to get in to rip us off , they will be wearing some 00 buckshot or several nuts and bolts hehe.

    I am exhausted so I am going to hit the rack. Catch up with ya later China !



  6. Oh yeah , I forgot to show you my new beast ! Take a look at Daddy's new sweetheart ! China, you would LOVE this damned thing !!! Anyways , here is a link to it , it's the black one :


    I bought it brand new , never fired and I am in love ! Now I can get out 1,500 meters and actually kill something muahahahahahahaha !!!!



  7. I couldn't get on with link.I checked em out when they first came out fuckin cool.I got on at grilly.Now about that part where it sez recoil about same as 12 gauge??????We seen upper kits to put on AR I think no way in hell I'm shootin 50bmg out of anything under 25 lbsLargest rifle I have shot to date is 375H&H that was about like 12 ga.Its amazing the ammo floating around for this critter,ball,Ap,API.I know youre gonna hand load but checkout Cheaper than dirt and sportsmans guide from time to time intersting stuff for 50.Thats fucking cool.

  8. I will check them out for sure, thanks for the info . Here are some of the components I already have , for precision sniping :






  9. I wanted to get back to outfitting a small unit , you had a post up earlier but, it seems to be ignored now that it has been passed up . On that subject , I wanted to introduce S.E.R.E. manuals for reading and practical exercises .

    S.E.R.E. stands for "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape" and it is one of the toughest schools the military has to offer . As a RECONNAISSANCE MARINE , I was subjected to this school and though it was brutal and as tough as it gets (next to amphibious reconnaissance school or ARS) It served me well in the capacity of Scout/Sniper. It literally saved my life.

    I am in hopes that some of it will sink in and save your life too someday . Not having instructors beating it into you makes it not so easy to learn but, you may pick up something life saving by reading .


    Survival,Escape and ^ Recovery PDF manual


    -Good info , if you have time to^ read it

    This last link is the unit I was attached to ;


    I learned several things by actually being deployed into enemy territories and hostile environments. The thing is, all of the training I was subjected to , actually came to me without thinking when needed and therefore made me more efficient, effective and still alive . OBJECTIVE SECURED , TARGET EXPIRED.

    I am in hopes that some of this will help , at least someone , even if just a little .



  10. Thats what I was hoping for.3% in case R3V misses this tell him need #of med field manual it got wiped out,thanks.Sorry I've neglected this one a bit,work is freakin crazy,6'' snow saturday and 6'' to 7'' tomorrow Fuckin winter.I suppose I really should put outfitting small unit back up I know its more than just weapons.With snow coming in, If you an R3V want to put some thought in to recommendations we'll put up new one on it in a couple days.I would imagine euipment would differ greatly on LRRP vs quick run through neighborhood or maybe no,if you wanna set your military mind action,we'll get back to work on it.THANKS BRO.

  11. Actually field manual is still on one I will get this stuff up soon too.Are indivdual soldiers taught much in first aid,or only medics and corpman,I believe thats Doc to you jarheads.I had a buddy who was a Doc stationed with a Marine outfit at Beiruit.He said he was only navy that marines wouldn't fuck with cause they might need him.

  12. DAMN stongmen armed is pretty fitting.Force Recon goes through a Hell of a lot of training.It even answered my question about my old navy buddy.Back in the day he was most bad mofo.Joined navy cause he liked crackerjack uniform? WTF?So tired my mind is wandering,sorry.Yeah lot of traing,amazing dudes would try 4 or 5 times to get in. Ok Bro I hitting the sack for sure will check out other links asap.Oh what got deleted was Where theres no Doc and dentist if you could pass to R3V.

  13. Aye Aye SIR , I will relay message to R3v and hopefully he will respond soon . He cut himself pretty bad working on the trailer so , he'll be back asap .

    I believe I have both of those on PDF , "Where there is no doctor and Dentist" somewhere on a flash drive but, R3v has the links to those so you can get them yourself . Like I said , I would be happy to email these to you if need be .

    In the MARINE CORPS, we are trained to operate as a singular unit in case leadership or your entire squad is KIA so, yes , Marines are trained in field first aid but, that is limited to patching your buddy up or yourself and get the CORPSMAN or DOC to finish the job properly . If we HAVE to , we can do more but, we are grunts not doctors and may do more harm then good by overstepping in case of injury .

    A bit on CORPSMAN , A Corpsman is the ONLY Navy man who will EVER travel , full time with a Marine unit . Yes they are DOC's but, they fight and go through the very same shit we do therefore, we consider them a MARINE and give respect accordingly .

    You will never see a Corpsman sitting out a fight unless there are wounded Marines to care for , then they fight and fix , fight and fix . Corpsman are badass and I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them . GOD BLESS YOU DOC & SEMPER FI BROTHER !!

    Anyways China, let me know if you need any of the items I have on PDF and gimme a email addy and it'll be on the way .



  14. THANKS BRO,I get through this day I will set it up.