If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
- Winston Churchill

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." Patrick Henry



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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Resistance conclusion.

Resistance Part III - A conclusion

In Resistance Parts I and Resistance Parts II, I presented several
points. I’d like to expand and reiterate on them here and perhaps
clarify a few:

1) you cannot change the system from within, all you’re doing is
playing musical chairs as it is too entrenched and has too much
inertia to effectively be changed;

2) departing from the system is the first critical step, you must
stop feeding the beast;

3) leaving the system will not starve it or harm it, it won’t even
make a dent in reality. But you cannot defeat what you continue to

4) leaderless resistance is the only effective (and remaining)
method available;

5) you’re already a “terrorist”, and a criminal, everyone is,
because in truth, this can be redefined to mean anything that they
claim it to be, if they presently lack the definition, they can
always just make one up;

6) real freedom is only dependent upon you, and how far you are
willing to go to be free. There are inherent restrictions to true
freedom in this world, but even so, most of these are only
applicable if you choose to allow it. Most of us have chosen the
easier road;

7) changing yourself is the key, it requires you to act upon (take
action) of your belief, belief without action is useless and is not
real belief, it is illusion and self-deception;

8) outcomes are entirely unpredictable, but they’re not always
unpreventable. There are things that can be stopped, but not
everything can be stopped. Outcome based “results” is a poor choice
for ethical human behavior or action, as it destroys as much as it
tries to create, therefore “results only” oriented actions aren’t
really that useful and can actually be self-defeating. Realize it
is the process that matters more, even if it’s just incremental;

9) joining a group or a movement is an exercise in futility, all
you will have actually accomplished is to stay within the system
and hope for minor or incremental change at best (arrange the deck
chairs) within the system;

10) every organization and movement has long since been infiltrated
and monitored, those that still operate and function are under
tight scrutiny; those that aren’t, will be, therefore you’re better
off simply avoiding membership or “joining” anything;

11) resistance is always personal if it is going to be the least
bit meaningful or effective. Inversely, tyranny doesn’t require of
you anything at all and can easily flourish by those who will do
nothing and accept everything;

12) joining something isn’t even necessary anyway and ill-advised.
Existing groups are trying to change the system from within, which
if it actually worked, we’d see the results today. By remaining
independent, you’re remain autonomous (and anonymous);

13) most “movements” are simply steam valves permitted the people,
vents for their frustrations and anger, but they’re not
accomplishing much and generally, never have. Abandonment of
movements means you’ve eliminated a poor (personal) choice, removed
a point of leverage and surveillance, and become autonomous and
empowered (no longer beholden to the movement);

14) conformity never accomplished anything, real change only comes
when we have changed, which is to say YOU. The status quo does not
recognize or respect the individual and most movements don’t
either, but YOU should, because it is YOU after all that must live
this life. Therefore, non-conformists are the true seekers of this
world and your generation. If you don’t know this already, you
should learn to help them once in a while. Those that oppose them
are engaging in suppression, freedom-killing, life-stunting
coercion by force and threats of force, this is how they ALL
operate. Recognize this for what it actually is, and stop
supporting efforts to destroy the individual, which is the ONLY
place true freedom can reside;

15) don’t expect someone else to do what you should have been doing
all along, the truth is, what I’m expressing here and in many blog
posts I write, is that you, all of you individually, are the
responsible ones for “how the world is”, either through a lack of
interest or awareness, or by applying yourselves in the wrong
areas. You can do this by “blind support” of activities that are
ultimately self-defeating (your “job” for example), or by
pretending that past efforts are actually working when they clearly
are not, or by refusing to stand up and put at stop to the evil in
our world. Accept the responsibility for all of this, which is to
say the sum total of your lives, and identify why we are where we
are today;

16) if we really wanted personal freedom, or true justice, or
anything at all, we would have it already. But it is rather clear,
we don’t really want it. We’ve been quite willing to settle for
less, as has every generation before us. And less is indeed what we
got, year by year. Now we’re facing some hard choices — let it go
on, or actually do something about it. If you let it go on (or keep
pretending that there isn’t a serious problem), then you’ll just
pass the problems on to your kids. If you do something about it,
then you’ll have to wise up and fully accept what this means, and
what works and what doesn’t work and why;

17) nothing is free in this life, everything comes at a price, even
the smallest choices. Most of us have been presented with few true
choices, what we have instead is a smorgasbord of sanitized
selections, preprocessed and pre-approved for our consumption.
These are not choices, therefore learn to think outside of these
little boxes you’ve been permitted to gaze upon;

18) anything you “choose to do” is entirely up to you and always
was. Nobody else can take or accept the responsibility for your
actions or inaction's. The double-edged sword here states that you
will be cut to ribbons either way. Stand still and silent and
you’ll be sliced to pieces anyway. Take action and charge of your
life and you will still die. Most will choose the former, under the
illusion that this is the “better” or safer path, never realizing
that they’ve guaranteed their own destruction and that of
everything else. They’re sheep, and they live in a slaughterhouse.
The latter path is the unknown outcome in reality, no one can truly
say what the results may be, but the illusion even this holds is
that it will establish something better. This may not be true, it
would only be different;

19) people are predictable, so is history, events, actions,
results, consequences and so much more. Different can be good and
sometimes so very, very necessary. But what we need to ask
ourselves is simply this, “are we on the path that we want to be?”
If not, then change something, because only you can do this;

20) the next time you’re confronted with evil, do something
different then you’ve done before;

21) life is not about “just getting by”, or “go along to get
along”, it’s about actually living. This charicature of existence
that we have today that is commonly accepted as “life” and the
argument that many make to “get used to it” needs to be
categorically rejected for the lie that it is, because if this
unfeeling, uncaring and uninterested existence of human drudgery
and endless repetition is the “life” that so many embrace, then we
are already dead within and simply await our fates;

22) nobody is going to respect you for telling the truth or living
the truth, you’re going to be hated, ostracized and outcast. If you
need to “get used to something”, let it be this — tell the truth
and don’t stop telling the truth. Now you’re finally living;

23) don’t assume or even believe that anything you do is actually
going to make “a difference”. It might, but probably not, as there
is too much going on, too much inertia, too much deadness, too much
lifelessness and too little interest in whatever it is you’re doing
or about to do to change much of anything at all. However, this is
absolutely irrelevant, because you’re now living a life worth
living, by accepting your responsibilities and the truth that comes
with them;

24) do what you have to do without asking, nobody needs
“permission”, it’s your life after all, come to accept it and what
it means to be alive;

25) don’t worry about the “difference” you are making or aren’t
making, the truth is, this is irrelevant, do what is right, proper,
good, moral and just, but realize that those terms probably don’t
mean what you may have been taught, because you and I were taught
to abdicate the responsibility that those terms convey to someone
other then yourself, this is a lie;

26) when you do the right thing, oftentimes you’re going to be
hated for it, because our world is so twisted and warped it cannot
even recognize rightness anymore, moral reprobates abound
everywhere and are found in all walks of life these days,
especially in the halls of power and ‘authority’. Don’t expect them
or anyone else to thank you or support you, they won’t, their
vested interest is to do the exact opposite to you.

Stay true to your principles and make sure you’re on a firm
foundation when you step out, because it is very easy to lose your
way if you are not grounded and clear thinking. Be careful who you
talk to, you’ll need to keep your own counsel most of the time, and
you will find that this is not only safer for you, but you’re the
only one who is capable of even keeping up with the change going on
within you. Trying to explain this to someone else is exhausting
and at times, frustrating. Just be true to yourself in all things,
the rest tends to fall in place as a result of that.

Due to the nature of humanity, true freedom and liberty can really
never be truly achieved, but this changes nothing. Liberty always
requires a constant resistance to the gradual encroachments against
it. Resistance is the only abrasive that slows down this gradual
slide to tyranny.

The United States is now a full-blown fascist nation that will
practice whatever levels of tyranny and abuse it deems fit. The
media and the government and big business are all in collusion to
keep up the pretense that “the land of the free” is yet still a
nation of laws and justice, but countless tens of thousands of
examples can be brought forth to expose the factual accounts of how
this claim is a complete farce.

When tyranny flourishes, resistance needs to become more and more
abrasive and will always find a ready cause. Resistance would not
be necessary if there was true liberty. This is not a fight we
started, but one that was placed on our shoulders, simply because
those before us refused.

One resistance activist winds up doing all the work of a million
sloths, he is the real freedom fighter, a modern ‘insurgent’ that
can no longer tolerate injustice. He is no longer chained by the
illusions of ‘freedom’ or material excess, he is as free as any man
(or woman) can ever be.

(to be continued ?)


  1. That whole writing was superb !!! I hope you don't mind, I copied it down so I can read it in print at leisure . This was absolutely (in my opinion) brilliant.

    Thanks for posting it , China , THANK YOU MAN !!

  2. Please share it. The original writer is unknown to me but Threepercent shared it with me.He thought it was brilliant as do I. I can only imagine the writer would be proud to have it shared! Carry on Bro!


  3. ...hey Brother,superb'bout covers it huh?(RegGuy comment)
    ...only thing that puzzles me is the closing..."(to be continued?)"...can ya change it to "will be continued" ??? we need more eye opening going on,thanx fer everything from threeper,old intel,is still GOOD intel,if ya aint seen it yet huh?

  4. Exactly Bro! Well with Threeper gone and the author unknown perhaps it will be finished by you,me,R3V,Send It,Reg,Northwoods,Palerider,Mayberry,Bashing William or one of the other Brothers probably a combination of!